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Who says bloodlines are the only way to being a Royal? Join our loyalty program and you will be well on your way to being Queen of the Crop. It's totally free to join!

How does it work?

  • Customer fills out the Loyalty Royalties Savings Club application completely. Your information is kept confidential and entered into our computer system.  We will not share your information.

  • A staff member will start a Loyalty Royalties card with your first and last name and middle initial.   The cards will be filed alphabetically in our card file cabinet located near the classroom.

  • Every time you come in to shop, pull your card from the card file cabinet and bring it to checkout with you.  The customer is responsible for retrieving their own card.

  • At checkout, a blue dot will be added to your card and the total amount of your purchase (minus tax) will be recorded on the dot with the date listed below.  Staff will then keep your card and return it to the card file at the end of each day.

  • Once you have collected 8 blue dots on your card, it will be turned in for processing.  Your 8 purchases will be totaled and a credit for 10% of the total will be entered into our computer system and will be available for you to use on your next visit to the store.  Earned credits will expire 1 year after the date they were earned.

  • The number of cards you have filled will be signified by a colored dot on the bottom right side of your card with the number card you are working on recorded in it.

    • Card #1 will have no special dot (Tier 1).

    • Cards 2-5 will have a lavender dot (Tier 2).

    • Cards 6 and higher will have a pale pink dot (Tier 3).

Your Club card remains in the store so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it!

After you have filled your first card, you earn 2nd tier status which entitles you 15% off your total purchase on 5th Saturday Sale Days.  Once you fill 5 cards, you will go to 3rd tier status which entitles you to 20% off your total purchase on 5th Saturday Sale Days.

There will be Special sales, events and contests only available to members.

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